TRADEEASY TECY is strongly committed to every individual’s right to privacy and to keep personal and financial information secure. As part of effort to earn your trust and confidence, we are fully disclosing our privacy practices. We hereby encourage you to read our privacy statement to familiarize and understand the types of personally identifiable information we collect and how we use this information.


All personal information which you will provide during registration of the algorithmic trading account, will be kept secret. Only those people or companies who are authorized by Tradeeasy TECY can access the information. Information gathered is mainly utilized to customize the content you see, attend your request promptly and notify you about the updation on site.


Tradeeasy TECY will preserve all your personal information and will be used as the database for the personal use of Tradeeasy TECY. This information will be provided to those who are authorized to use the user database for Tradeeasy TECY services. Tradeeasy TECY will provide the facility to edit your account information and preferences at any time. Your account information is password protected for your security and privacy. Please do maintain the secrecy and privacy of your user name and password to protect it from any unauthorized access. The secrecy of your user name and password will be wholly yours.

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Tradeeasy gives now 2times exposure as per the SEBI rule