Mcx - Exposure (Limit)

Highest exposure

You will get 20 upto times Intraday exposure as default. When you need more exposure, you can use cover-order which gives 30 times exposure.

What we give


You will get 15 times Intraday limit as default. No need to maintain minimum margin in your account.

30 times intraday exposure

We provide upto 30 times Intraday limit to trade by using cover-order. (Stop loss mandatory for Cover-order)

Actual Exposure (5 times - intraday)

When the available margin is lower than 1,000rs, you can select 5 times Intraday actual margin to trade.


You can trade 1 lot mega gold in 7,000rs margin.You can get 4 lots of gold when you have margin 30,000rs on your account.


You can trade 1 lot Silver in 4,400rs margin.You can get 4 lots of silver when you have margin 13,000rs on your account.

Crude oil

You can trade 1 lot Crude oil in 1500rs margin.You can get 4 lots of crude oil when you have margin 6,000rs on your account.


Disclaimer : " Investment in equity / derivatives / currency and Commodity Futures Markets is subject to risk. Please read the risk disclosure document before investing".

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