NSE - Exposure

Intraday LIMIT - Upto 20 times

We give upto 20 times Intraday exposures on stock futures as default, and 25 times Intraday exposure for all equity stocks. You can get 2 times Intraday exposure in NSE OPTION buying and selling.Brokerage in option trade 20rs per lot.

What we give

20 times Intraday - index 

We give 20 times Intraday Limit for Nifty, bank nifty and all stock futures. So you can get nifty @ 3,000rs margin and bank nifty @ 4,00rs


We give upto 25 times Intraday limit on all cash market as default. Brokerage is 0.01% on volume. Delivery brokerage is 0.02%

2 times OPTION limit

We give upto 2 times Intraday limit for all NSE options only. Brokerage is rs.20 for 1 lot. And we give 2 times limit in Option selling also.


You can trade 1 lot Nifty in 3,000rs margin as per today.You can get 3 lots of Nifty, when you have margin 9,000rs on your account.

Bank nifty

You can get 1 lot bank nifty at 4,000rs by using MIS order. You can trade 5 lot Bank nifty in 20,000rs margin.


We are providing 4times limit on all currency future. So you can trade USDINR by using 500rs margin


Disclaimer : " Investment in equity / derivatives / currency and Commodity Futures Markets is subject to risk. Please read the risk disclosure document before investing".

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