12 Years Experienced Across India. Incepted in 2004


TradeEasy is one of South-Indian leading brokerage house headquartered in Chennai with a number of branches in major cities

Across India. Incepted in 2004, we have become one of the leading financial services company in South India today, our customers

Daily turnover on the exchanges exceeds Rs.1000+ Cores per day.

33,000+ Clients 1200+ sub-brokers throughout the world


We have 33,000+ clients all-over India, and 1200+ sub-brokers throughout the world. When a client start an account, never looks

Out for a new company. Because we give prompt service and Reasonable and leverage and full technical advice. AND we give well

Opportunity to grow the business to referral as well as sub-brokers.

Best brokerage & leverage Proudly we can say this “We are the Best brokerage and High leverage provider”


Brokerage is very important factor to reduce the loss and to improve the profit. When a client reduce the brokerage of an entry,

He/She can book the profit with lesser profit also. So we can exit the trade Break Even Point (BEP) also in risk case.

And also leverage is very important to trade with good volume. Suppose a client have confirm calls from his advisory company, but

Have less margin means Leverage will help to attend the call and to book profit.




Our online trading platform and tools allow you to make better trading decisions; you can place the orders at anytime

And anywhere by using these tools

  • Mobile trading Platform
  • Desktop trading Platform
  • Browser Platform
  • Online chat on site

Technical support

We are assisting the clients all the ways to book the profits with our Technical guidance. And Powerful technical indicators

Are provided to all the clients . So the clients easily getting trading calls and Ideas by the following methods

  • Tips on mobile
  • Indicators on Site
  • TIPS to Mobile
  • Live market updates

Instant pay-in & pay-out


PAYOUT will be processed within 24 hours will be processed. Daily also can make people without any charges.

Client can do payout themselves by their individual backoffice

PAY-IN is much simplified for the client's convenience. TradeEasy have all the online and offline payment facilities like ATOM and cheque deposits. Payment gateway facility will give credits with in 3 mins, The client can start the trade within 3 mins.