Lowest Brokerage - 0.005% only

We are charging 0.005% brokerage on trading volume, that means 500rs per crore volume. Other Brokers are charging 0.01% to 0.03% , that means 1000rs - 3000rs per crore. So you can save 500rs - 3500rs per day. As well as we give upto 20 times Intraday exposure too. You can get 30 times intraday exposure by using COVER - ORDER.



When your account opens, you will get upto 20 times Intraday exposure as default. When you need more exposure you have to give a request to your supporting staff or RMS team to get more intraday limit. 

Lowest Brokerage

0.005% is smaller than 0.01% that means 500rs is smaller than 1000rs. And we are charging Rs.250 per crore as transaction charge as per Exchange rules.

No cover order

Cover- order is mostly not preffered  by the clients. Because stoploss is mandatory in this order, and we can't place the target as on limit price.

Opens in 24hours

Trade easy gives you fastest account opening. Your account will be opened within 24 hours, when we receive your account opening form. On that day you will get NEST LAUNCHER / ODIN DIET online trading password and personal Back office password.

No hidden charges

Charges in mcx trading on volume
CTT - 0.01% of selling volume
Transaction charge - 0.0025% of volume
Clearing Member charge - 0.002% on voume
GST - 18% on brokerage + transaction charge

Free Trading Platform

NEST LAUNCHER is our trading platform . It is free trading software. You can watch Candle charts and all others charts. We are giving new update version to the clients.


Disclaimer : " Investment in equity / derivatives / currency and Commodity Futures Markets is subject to risk. Please read the risk disclosure document before investing".

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