Lowest Brokerage - 0.005%

NSE Fututes brokerage is 0.005% of volume. You can get upto 20 times Intraday limit on Index futures and stock futures. In option trade 20 rs per lot with 2 times exposure.


20 times-ALL FUTURES

We give 20 times Intraday Limit for Nifty, bank nifty and all stock futures. So you can get nifty @ 3,000rs margin and bank nifty @ 4,00rs

25 times intraday limit

We give upto 25 times Intraday limit on all cash market as default. Brokerage is 0.01% on volume. Delivery brokerage is 0.02%

2 Times - OPTION

We give upto 2 times Intraday limit for all NSE options only. Brokerage is rs.20 for 1 lot. And we give 2 times limit in Option selling also

Opens in 24hours

Trade easy gives you fastest account opening. Your account will be opened within 24 hours, when we receive your account opening form.

Brokerage plans in nse

We charge 0.005% brokerage on futures trade. The option brokerage is Rs.20 per lot



NEST LAUNCHER is our trading platform. You can watch Candle charts and all others charts without any charges.


Disclaimer : " Investment in equity / derivatives / currency and Commodity Futures Markets is subject to risk. Please read the risk disclosure document before investing".

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